Friday, October 26, 2012

CHRC's New and Exciting Changes

CHRC has now partnered with Vocus Marketing to enhance our website, tracking, social media and PR. Through strategic website optimization, and releasing news releases to the web, as well as following reporters on "help a reporter out", CHRC has made a huge improvement in the technological department. We are very excited for this huge change and update to our software. We have also updated our logo with new colors and a new design as well as re-vamping our website, which will be changing shortly. Our hope is to attract more viewers as well as give more awareness of the human relation issues that are threatening as well as enhancing the city we love so dearly. The only way our city will get the attention it deserves is if we constantly update and reach out to people in areas of need. If you have any human relation issues that you would like to address with us, please contact CHRC at 513-352-3237. We would love to hear from you!

Check out our most recent press release. CLICK HERE

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Taking Our Youth Back

Taking Back Our Youth Conference

Saturday October 27th at Duke Energy Center 
525 Elm St. Cincinnati, OH 45202 
Doors open at 8 am- Event starts at 9 am 
Cincinnati Police Department in partnership with City Wide Faith Based Organizations present an event where families can re-connect with one another and put a side discrimination and racial injustice. Join CHRC and many others in participating in a family friendly event that will promote positive outlooks on day to day situations for youth who need some guidance. This event is open and free to the public. For more information CLICK HERE or call 513-591-2692 Ext. 5.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

InFocus Upcoming Shows

This week, InFocus is taping the quarterly review for CHRC. Dr. Ericka-King-Betts, Executive Director, will be talking about the new direction that CHRC is headed in and all the recent changes. Jaime Bryant will also be featured on the show to talk about the Great Youth Debate that will be on November 10th. For more information about all the recent changes check out the most recent show. CLICK HERE.

InFocus is also featuring Steve Frisch, Founder and Chair of The Spirit of Cincinnatus/The Rusty Ball and Joseph Jones, Director of Corporate Outreach the 1st week of November. CHRC is highlighting the biggest fundraising event of the city, The Rusty Ball. This event is presented by a local band, The Rusty Griswolds, and is an evening benefiting localcharitable organizations. This year, 159 organizations will benefit from this event.

To watch full episodes of InFocus CLICK HERE

Also, check out the full schedule for InFocus showings through December.

1. October 1st- October 17th (University of Cincinnati, RAPP) CLICK HERE
2. October 18th- October 31st (CHRC's Quarterly Update w/Dr. King-Betts) CLICK HERE
3. November 1st- November 15th (The Rusty Ball) CLICK HERE
4. November 16th- November 30th (The K.A.S.S.I.E. Project) CLICK HERE
5. December 1st- December 15th (Part I, Diversity of Comics)
6. December 16th- December 31st (Part II, Diversity of Comics w/Cincinnati Public Library)

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

What is the Great Youth Debate?

The Cincinnati Human Relations Commission (CHRC) is hosting our annual Great Youth Debate inspired by the movie “The Great Debaters”. Teams from all over the Cincinnati area will come together and debate against each other on current political issues. The debate topics will be chosen by our CHRC staff . Influential members of the community will make up our judge panel who will pick our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The 1st– 3rd place winners will receive a cash prize, and each participant will receive a trophy. 

The Great Youth Debate

We now have all five judges for The Great Youth Debate confirmed as well as our Moderator. Our judges include Board Member, Donny Young (The GreenDay Group); James Cullen (Director of ETS at Cincinnati Youth Collaborative), Amanda Gray (African American Chamber of Commerce), Judge Fanon Rucker (Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge), and now Councilman Cecil Thomas (City of Cincinnati).  The moderator is Michael Griffin (President/ CEO of DVS Services).  Our alternate judge/ moderator is Dominique Springs (Banker at PNC Bank). 

The Great Youth Debate is open and free to the public. The debate will take place on November 10, 2012 in City Hall located at 801 Plum St. Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information CLICK HERE 

Friday, October 05, 2012

CIRV Success Story

Last year Breiana Harris was released from prison with the goal to create a new future for herself. She quickly found out the hard way that being a convict would prohibit her from achieving her goals of starting over. After she joined CIRV and became a client of Shelia Davis she then retained her GED and graduated from the SOAR Program at the Urban League. Breiana then went on to graduate from a Construction Apprentnship, which lead her to landing her now permanent job at Belcan Staffing Solutions. Breiana credits her success to hard work, motivation and the constant positive re-enforcement from the CIRV team.“Ms. Sheila has been by my side through it all. She said It is never to late to make the change and now I   believe the sky is the limit.”

Thursday, October 04, 2012


The University of Cincinnati (UC) has now partnered up with the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV) to help conduct research and study gang violence. CHRC would like to thank UC for the assisting the CIRV team as well as the Police Department in making the City of Cincinnati a safer place. For more information about the program UC is conducting CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

RAPP Program on InFocus

InFocus and the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission would like to thank Rebecca Lehman, Program Coordinator for UC's RAPP (Racial Awareness Program) and RAPP members Kimberly McGinnis and William Harris for thier interview about the program's intensive development programs, alumni engagement, and outreach throughout Greater Cincinnati on September 19, 2012. 

RAPP offers free programming to the University of Cincinnati and the Greater Cincinnati community on a variety of diversity, multicultural, social justice, and communication topics.
RAPP works with interested groups to develop a program to suit their needs on most any topic, and can make referrals on topics we feel others can do better than we.
Common topics we present on include:
  • Self-awareness:  Identifying and exploring our own social identities, such as race, gender, sexuality, religion, class, etc.;
  • Campus awareness:  Exploring diversity at UC, including statistical diversity and campus resources on race, gender, sexuality, ability, and religion;
  • Just Community:  Exploring the UC Just Community initiative and identifying ways we can create a just and caring community;
  • Effective Communication Strategies:  Exploring key concepts in cross cultural communication and how to use them to improve communication;
  • Communication around Triggers:  Identifying our own triggers and common triggers and strategizing about how to respond when triggered that promote learning;
  • Allyship:  Exploring a holistic concept of allies and identifying how to develop effective ally skills.
  • Power & Privilege:  Exploring how social power and unearned privilege manifest and how to become an agent of change fighting oppression.