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MEDIA CONTACT: CHRC Executive Director Ericka King-Betts, PhD at chrc@cincinnati-oh.gov or by phone at 513.352.3237
Cincinnati Human Relations Commission (CHRC)
6/26/15 Annual Luncheon, Silent Auction & Awards

Cincinnati, OH - The Cincinnati Human Relations Commission (CHRC) is rescheduling its Annual Luncheon, Silent Auction and Awards Ceremony that was originally to be held on June 26th, 2015.

"We at the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission are deeply saddened by last Friday's events that left an officer and suspect dead. Our community outreach advocates spent the day and night in Madisonville working with neighbors to make sure their needs were met and the atmosphere was calm before leaving," said Executive Director Dr. Ericka King-Betts.

"Now that the funeral for Office Sonny Kim will be held on Friday, June 26th, at the Cintas Center, and the same time as the Officer is being laid to rest is our Awards Luncheon, we have decided to reschedule our Annual Luncheon, Silent Auction and Awards Ceremony to July 31st.  We want to take this time to mourn with the rest of our City the death of a devoted police officer," said King-Betts. 

The Honorees, Alphonse A. Gerhardstein, Mary Stagaman, Vishnu Paranandi, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Ohio Innocence Project agree with this decision as they, too, will be taking the time to mourn and remember Officer Kim.

In the upcoming days we ask that everyone remain united in spirit and prayer for the victims and their families. 
About the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission

CHRC was established in November of 1943 as The Mayor's Friendly Relations Committee. The goal was to appoint a committee that represented various racial, industrial and religious groups to make sure all groups felt a part of their communities and supported one another in the city of Cincinnati. As time passed the name was changed to CHRC and the mission grew to target a much larger issue, discrimination. Thus, the agency's mission is "to help our community to overcome prejudice and discrimination, build mutual respect and understanding, and to become more harmonious and cohesive."

The Cincinnati Human Relations Commission is a non-profit organization. For additional information on how you can support CHRC and its programs, please contact Executive Director, Ericka King-Betts, PhD at 513-352-3237. 

For more information on CHRC or the Luncheon, please visit our website at www.chrc.us, call the office at 513-352-3237 or contact Nina Jackson, Administrative Assistant, at nina.jackson@cincinnati-oh.gov.


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